The answer may be yes. A recent study revealed four popular brands of salsa contain unsafe levels of lead. 

The four salsas to avoid are:

El Pato Salsa Picante
Salsa Habanera
Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero
Bufalo Salsa Clasica

The FDA is working with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to determine a standard for lead in salsas. UNLV has been one of our strongest allies in the lead in candy battle.

In the meantime, avoid eating these salsas. Our Latino community, including children, eat El Pato Salsa Picante in chilaquiles and enchiladas and Bufalo Salsa Clasica with popcorn and snacks.

Remember to pay attention when buying salsa and avoid these four. EHC will post updates to help keep you, your children and your family safe from lead-poisoning.  

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