BloodLead event Sept 9 2014 240Last week we partnered with San Diego's Home Safe Home program and the La Maestra Family Clinic to offer blood-lead tests to children and pregnant women.

After spending weeks canvassing the community, educating community members on the importance of lead-poisoning prevention and recruiting families for our free blood-lead testing event, our event turned out to be a fantastic success. We tested more than 100 children and spread awareness about the hazards of lead poisoning and tips for prevention.

BloodLead event Sept 9 2014 234Did you know 75 percent of homes built before 1979 contain some lead-based paint? Lead is most commonly found on exterior-painted surfaces, interior woodwork, doors and windows. EHC recommends children get a blood-lead test every year until age six to prevent blood-lead poisoning.

During the testing, children would often ask, “Why are you doing this?” Engaging in these important conversations about lead poisoning with children as well as parents goes a long way toward fulfilling EHC's goals of awareness and prevention. Get more information about the hazards of lead here, and stay tuned for our next community blood-lead testing event. 
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