Our communities become #healthyhoods when we unlock our most powerful tool – our voices.

Our leadership training program, SALTA (Salud Ambiental, Líderes Tomando Acción - Environmental Health, Leaders Taking Action) does just that, and it has turned hundreds of community members into environmental justice leaders. Last year, SALTA became accessible online for community members to enhance their skills to become the powerful leaders they were meant to be.


Here are a few reasons why we’re celebrating.

1. Local leadership is at the heart of social and environmental justice.

Community victories come to fruition when local leaders speak up and encourage neighbors to do the same. Last year, after strong demand, we developed this free, online and bilingual curriculum for community members anywhere in the world to turn their skills, passion and vision into action, power and change.

2. We’re sharing our most effective leadership tools with you.

After decades of fine-tuning SALTA with in-person trainings, we’re sharing what we’ve learned to help you use your voice for change. Our training is field-tested and proven, featuring best practices and case studies from real people working to make our neighborhoods healthier. Available for download in English and Spanish, this curriculum builds lasting power in our communities.

3. Our leaders make a difference.

Over the past year, 308 people from around the world downloaded SALTA and learned to be leaders and advocates for safe and healthy communities. Today, we celebrate being one year and 308 people closer to our goal of creating #healthyhoods for all people.

Click here to register and bring SALTA to your community.