Recently, Executive Director Diane Takvorian spoke at the Port of San Diego's launch of Shorepower- a new Port process reducing operational air pollution. 

Shorepower provides a significant reduction in diesel particulate matter (air pollution). This advancement is critically important for Barrio Logan given the staggering asthma rates in children and the overall air pollution.

We know what happens on the working waterfront greatly affects our surrounding communities, and we applaud the Port's actions to reduce pollution. We also recognize City of San Diego's effort through its adoption of the Barrio Logan community plan update

The shipyards should follow the actions of the Port and the City and abandon their efforts to undo the Barrio Logan Plan plan. Instead, they should focus attention on reducing their own air emissions – estimates are that the shipyards alone emit over one ton of diesel particulate pollution and another 175 tons of toxic pollution into the community.

Congratulations to the Port of San Diego, and we look forward to taking more toxic-free steps together.