Calendario del Grupo de Jóvenes del Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro Justicia Ambiental.

Incluye juego de SERPIENTES Y ESCALERAS de la JUSTICIA AMBIENTAL. Es una herramienta para aprender del trabajo de EHC y el Grupo de Jóvenes del Colectivo Chilpancingo mientras nos divertimos.

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On September 1st, Environmental Health Coalition, Colectivo Chilpancingo and RECIMEC met at the Arroyo Alamar with musicians from Tijuana and San Diego for a Fandango in favor of the "Alamar Sustentable" campaign.
The event was attended by nearby residents of the Colonia 10 de Mayo, Colonia Chilpancingo and Campestre Murua.
Those in attendance left the event very interested in the work the organizations are doing and recommended that a second event be held in the coming months.


Fandango dancing            



Fandango festival




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Today our Executive Director Diane Takvorian joined U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Mexico's Environmental Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Governor of Baja California José Osuna Millán and Mayor of Tijuana Carlos Bustamante to celebrate the closure of U.S.-Mexico Border 2012 and signing of the new U.S.-Mexico Border 2020.

As the leader of one of the nation's top environmental justice organizations, Diane shared examples to highlight how this bi-national partnership protects human and environmental health while issuing an immediate call to action to protect Arroyo Alamar from channelization.

She said that Border 2020 is an ambitious program that seeks to address complex problems through cooperation and community participation. We achieved some powerful results because of the contributions of Border 2012 and right now, families who live in Tijuana need our leadership to stop the channelization of Arroyo Alamar, one of the last natural places in their community.

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