Community Activists, Artists and Youth Unite for #HealthyHoods with Environmental Health Coalition

Community Activists, Artists and Youth Unite for #HealthyHoods with Environmental Health Coalition

October 3, 2018, SAN DIEGO – Barrio Logan’s community pillars that have led the fight for environmental and social justice, gathered yesterday to teach the history of the resistance, and prepare the next generation of activists and community leaders. “Varrio Si, Yonkes No!: Community Leaders for a Healthy Neighborhood” a community forum, was hosted by the Environmental Health Coalition at the Logan Heights Branch Library.

The all-star team of panelists included renowned and highly respected muralists, educators and activists that talked about the fight for justice that they have led since the 1970’s, when Chicano Park was created, the strategies used for community protection and resiliency, the importance of civic engagement and ways to get involved and join the movement.

“Despite the fact that Barrio Logan has not had support from the City, that has not stopped nor prevented the community from creating a vision and from fighting for what they know is righteous; and they have accomplished a lot.” says Jorge Gonzalez, Environmental Health Coalition Barrio Logan Community Organizer. “This community forum discussion allowed community residents to gain a deeper understanding of the struggle against environmental injustice, and the importance of voting.”

For decades, the Logan community has been under brutal and relentless attack by racially discriminatory real estate covenants, encroachment of industry into residential areas, the destructive effects of highways and bridges, and substandard housing.

“Our art, culture, and environment, are all at stake. The spirit of the community is at stake.” says Victor Ochoa, veteran muralist and educator. “It is extremely important that our younger generations know what has happened in their neighborhood in the past and what victories were accomplished. They don’t know, and they are our younger soldiers. The fight for our survival must continue…la lucha continua.”

The forum also focused on the upcoming November 6 election and encouraged residents to work with EHC to reach out to their neighbors and friends to increase voting in Logan and other low income communities of color where voter turnout is often lower than other communities. Ballot measures to address the rising cost of rent, resources for roads and air quality, and ensuring that elections are held when most people vote are all on the ballot.

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