For many years, residents in the community of Barrio Logan complained about the increasing heavy-duty diesel truck traffic on neighborhood streets. Diesel emissions from these trucks, as well as safety, noise and other impacts concern community members.

Based on the California environmental justice mapping tool CalEnviroScreen, we can see that Barrio Logan is in the highest vulnerability for particulate matter from Diesel pollution.

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Community Planning to Overcome Injustice (Spanish - Full Movie)

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Community Planning To Overcome Injustice (English - Full Movie)

Colectivo Chilpancingo's story of a decades-long struggle against toxic pollution in Tijuana.

Our community members are advocating for an ambitious scoping plan. Listen as they explain why.

Environmental Health Coalition’s Healthy Kids and Healthy Homes programs protect our region's most vulnerable children from toxics and lead poisoning in their homes and schools.

Our community leaders shed light on issues that warrant long-overdue environmental justice. There is a leader in every one of us. We are all environmental justice. 

 On April 14, 2016, we celebrated communities spearheading crossborder environmental justice and rebuilding the natural world we share. Communities on an international border have the great privilege and responsibility of transcending boundaries and merging two cultures into one unique way of life. One border, shared. One community, together. One people, unified.

Throughout EHC's 35 years of advocacy our focus has stayed the same - achieving environmental health and justice. Executive Director Diane Takvorian shares some of the biggest environmental impacts affecting children in our communities. 

This is a story about everyone's right to clean air and transportation. It's the story of the climate revolución.

As the irreversible effects of climate change hit our communities the hardest, we say, "Enough. Enough neglect, enough dirty air and enough wasting time. We won't stand for this anymore." A revolution is born.

On April 30, we celebrated progress as our communities lead the countywide charge to improve health, transit and energy. This video announces our 2015 Awardees, leaders of the Climate Revolución.