Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Community Planning to Overcome Injustice

Environmental Health Coalition announces a free curriculum and video-learning tool, Creating Healthy Neighborhoods. This inspirational toolkit empowers real people to become leaders for health and justice in their communities, just the way EHC community members have.

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What is Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Community Planning to Overcome Injustice about?

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods explores the interconnectedness of issues facing communities and uses real-life examples and case studies to show how real people can become advocates and activists for social and environmental justice. This video shows the impacts of toxic pollution and discriminatory land use policies in ways that anyone can understand, empowering everyone to become involved in planning and policymaking.

The 20-minute video, available online and on DVD in both Spanish and English, illustrates seven steps to fight for environmental justice through community-engaged planning. By signing up at the top of this page you will have access to the full Creating Healthy Neighborhoods video. Use this knowledge to gain a fuller understanding of land-use planning – and take action to create healthier, more vibrant and livable communities where you live.

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Creating Healthy Neighborhoods Trailer - English 



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How can I get involved with Creating Healthy Neighborhoods?

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Sign up on this page (at the top right) and use our free curriculum and watch the full video to learn about the seven-step process to giving community members the tools and confidence they need to speak up in the land-use planning process.

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Give your friends, family, and fellow community members and city planners and decision makers something to talk about. Engage them in an open dialogue about the seven-step process and encourage them to share this video with other communities facing environmental injustice.

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Order your copy of the video today to use for community leader training or presentations in your neighborhood. If you have monetary restrictions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.