Thank you for being a part of Creating Healthy Neighborhoods: Community Planning to Overcome Injustice. You now have access to the full video, produced and shared by Environmental Health Coalition to give voice to residents to create public policies that lead to healthier and more just neighborhoods.

The 20-minute video below (in both English and Spanish) illustrates seven steps to fight for environmental justice through community-engaged planning.

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods explores the interconnectedness of issues facing communities and uses real-life examples and case studies to show how real people can become advocates and activists for social and environmental justice in seven steps:

Step One: Identify the Problem
Step Two: Build Power
Step Three: Develop Strategy
Step Four: Develop Core Community Principles
Step Five: Develop the Community Vision
Step Six: Organize and Advocate to Win
Step Seven: Achieve the Vision

To begin your introduction to our community-proven, seven-step process, watch the full Creating Healthy Neighborhoods video and download our leadership training below.

The movie is available for download, or you can purchase a copy of the DVD in English and Spanish.





Creating Healthy Neighborhoods - English (Download Here)




Creating Healthy Neighborhoods - Español (Descargar Aqui)