luz and nicole and felicia in wash dcEnvironmental Health Coalition believes that the proper role of government is to protect human and environmental rights. In addition to working locally, we work at state and national levels to promote government policies and regulations that protect human health and the environment. Many of these efforts are in cooperation with our allies in the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA).

EHC's current efforts with CEJA include the California Energy Policy and Green Zones for Environmental and Economic Sustainability. These are far reaching initiatives that can benefit many environmental justice communities.

AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act passed by the California legislature in 2006, created an opportunity to put the state at the forefront of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have great potential for pollution reduction and a booming green energy economy. EHC and CEJA work to make certain low-income communities benefit from these policies.

The Green Zone initiative will create a federal designation for neighborhoods or clusters of neighborhoods that face the cumulative impacts of environment, social, political and economic vulnerability. Communities with Green Zone designations would be able to access benefits at state and federal levels. This would ensure that those communities most highly impacted by environmental hazards and economic stressors receive much needed resources and support.

President Barack Obama appointed our executive director, Diane Takvorian, as a member of the Joint Public Advisory Committee to the CEC. Through this membership, she hopes to strengthen the tri-national commitment to environmental justice and bring the voice of the people to the front and center.

While not a primary strategy, EHC will work with state and national legislators to develop and introduce specific legislation. Some examples include:

Military Environmental Responsibility Act

Lead Free Candy – State of California

More frequently, EHC works to influence policies and voter initiatives that have broad impact on our target communities.

California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee

Stop Prop 23

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